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The Application for Registration is attached with this prospectus. The registration form along with Registration Fee should be deposited at the School Reception. The Registration Fee is non - refundable.
Kindly note - The process of Registration does not guarantee admission. At CBA we belive that there are three pillars that ensure scholastic success:the child, the school and the parent. 



Our curriculum brings to the learners the best of both the worlds. It unites the educational approach in india and in the west, to foem a program of study that ensures a sense of identity, spiritualism and ethics in the learners with a scientific understanding of their individual needs with a curriculum designed and developed by the national Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Our inclusive and innovative curriculum is designed to facilitate their personal development and success through co-curriculum activities and socially useful productive work. Facilities for games and sports such as cricket, football, athletices, kabaddi, music and dance for all round development of the students. The CBA has included yoga and meditation classes in curriculum activities to reduce mental fatigue of students. CBA has a well stoke library and a reading room with many magazines and subject book for all subjects which are issued to the students. although each child have a unique journey, we at CBA inspire every single child to take advantage of the breadth of opportunities available inside and outside of the classroom.



  1. Fee will be accepted in cash during school hour up to the 10th of every month.
  2. Fee are payable for all 12 months of the year. No deduction will be made for pupils coming late or for broken period of absence.
  3. Examination fee will be charged at the time of admission
  4. Excapt for caution money, fee once paid will not be refundable. Caution money will be deemed to have been forfeited if not claimed with in six momths.
  5. The scholar's will have to pay 10 months conveyance fee apart from tuition fee. There will be no relaxation in conveyance fee if student is absent from school for a month or so.
  6. The conveyance fe will be charged for the full mounth even if the conveyance facility is availed by a scholar for part of the month.
  7. After 10th day of the scheduled monthly fee payment threshold, late fee of. 2/- per day will be charged for depositing the fee.
  8. A re-admission fee of rs. 50/- will be charged in addition to all the defaulters.



  1. All students must come to the school in prescibed uniform. The students without proper unifrom will not be allowed in the class.
  2. During parents-teachers meeting parents should discuss the status of their ward's programm and other such relevant issues with the class teacher. Every parent must attend the mitting to know the status of progress of their ward. Students can also attend the mitting with their parents.
  3. Care must be taken for the school property. In the case of any damage to the school property the school administration will take adequate steps depending the act and the cost of the object will be recovered from the parents.
  4. The principle is fully empowered to expel a student from the school, if in his opinion the student fails to follow the discipline of the school.
  5. Parents/guardians are bound to the rules of the school in all respect. In the matter of dispute, the decision of the principal will be considered
  6. All parents will have to sign the form giving their concern and agreement to all the rules mentionted to avoid the denial in any case later at the time of joining of their ward in the school.



Information of withdrawal must be given in writing at least one month in advance. In the absence of prior notice the scholar's will have to pay a month's fee & other relevant fees.
Transfer certificate will be issued after clearing all dues and accounts on payment of Rs. 50/- as fee for transfer certificate (Rs. 100/- for a duplicate) 


Near Block Office,                   Ichak, Hazaribag, Jharkhand                     


Email: gbs.cba@gmail.com   Phone: 06548-28573,                         9431538054


Manav Vikas
C.B.S.E. Delhi
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